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The FlexSTICK Company was established in 2009—and we shipped our first order in August 2010. Founder Jamie Jordan possesses extensive experience in the fields of Design, Manufacturing and Process Engineering, Quality Control, Custom Precision sales solutions of close tolerance manufactured components, and new product design and development. Jamie holds an engineering degrees from Texas A&M University.

Our existence, as a company, is to Help People Walk Better.  We are humbled by the many sincere thanks we have received from customers whose lives have been touched and improved by our invention.  And, we are inspired by these positive responses and drives us to do more to create ways to help people move about their world better!   We enthusiastically welcome your input, questions and suggestions.  Feel free to call or email us!  CLICK the Presentation to the left & use your cursor keys to see an overview of the company.

We are proud to have our Home Office in Grapevine, Texas, in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Main Street in Grapevine is great all year long, but, especially nice in December as Grapevine is known as the 'Christmas Capitol of Texas!

  We love to get testimonials and pictures of our customers showing off their FlexSTICKs in their homes or on their travels.  Feel free to email them to us, or post them on our Facebook Page!


The FlexSTICK's patented design, co-created with the help of physical therapist, Randy Misenheimer, was engineered to provide greater stability and overall comfort to walking cane users of all types. Whether you are a new user, are temporarily using a cane to aid with an injury you sustained, or are currently using a walking cane to help with balance and stability, the FlexSTICK provides an ideal solution to suit your needs.

The FlexSTICK’s technology provides dynamic walking stability using our spring-loaded, “shock-absorbing” system, not available in any other walking cane on the market. Each leg expands, contracts, and operates independently, maintaining constant contact with the ground surface. The result is a stable grip and superior traction, which provides the user with greater confidence when walking. Although single point canes and quad canes serve to provide stability, they have proven to be an inadequate means of support for those who “lean hard” on them to walk. Quad canes tend to wobble, and single-point canes can easily slip on loose or slick surfaces, due to lack of constant contact with the ground. In addition to providing enhanced stability, FlexSTICK’s shock absorbing system helps to alleviate hand, wrist, shoulder and back pain, typically associated with the rigid design of the traditional cane.

The FlexSTICK -  We “solve the problems that other canes don’t.”  See our 'No Risk' Guarantee.  Click HERE.

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