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 STABILITYFlexTIPs Mimic the way ANKLES work - Bending & Flexing to keep your walking cane tip in full contact with the walking surface.  
COMFORT - FlexTIPs Absorb Shock protecting your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder & back from the pounding of walking with a cane.
CONTROL - FlexTIPs Rotate allowing you to plant your tip, turn & walk without the tip ever moving on the ground.

 “This tip has saved me numerous falls and I can't find a better tip anywhere.”     ------  Robert L – Aurora, IL  January 21, 2019

"After much research I bought this cane for my husband who has stroke related balance issues. It securely grips uneven surfaces and is stable even at awkward angles. My husband loves it! It is lightweight, easily adjustable and looks elegant. I highly recommend this product!"  -- Glenny, verified purchase on Amazon 

FlexTIP walking cane tip options white

Three Styles to choose from for your specific lifestyle needs!

FlexTIP standard walking cane tip 

 Good for replacing standard round cane tips. Adds 1.25" to your cane height. Fits 3/4" cane shafts & works on solid wooden canes, too!  A FlexTIP, Regular, Mini or TLC, is the Best Cane Accessory you can get to Walk Better!  BUY FlexTIP WALKING CANES HERE! 

FlexTIP-TLC-Mini - 3" flexible rubber tripod base

The 'Mini' is a great choice for folks who walk a lot!  The soft rubber tripod base adds an additional level of comfort, absorbing more of the impact of the cane strike to the ground. The base is very 'forgiving' when hitting foreign objects in the walking path, like rocks, cracks, curbs, etc. 

FlexTIP-TLC - 5" rigid tripod base

The 'TLC' is the 3-Leg Cane that gives you 'TLC'!  Made with hi-strength structural, fiber reinforced plastic, the TLC has 3 rubber tips with a 5" tip to tip footprint providing our maximum stability AND IT STANDS ON ITS OWN!  Weighs 8.7 ounces  Adds 2.5" to cane height.
TLC is our Premium FlexTIP cane & includes our FlexBRITE clip on flashlight - BUY HERE!

    Upgrade existing cane or purchase a NEW cane with your choice of FlexTIP HERE!  All FlexTIPs for canes fit standard 3/4" diameter shafts

      Crutch FlexTIP

      - fits standard 7/8" round shafts - not for truncated (half-round) shafts. GREAT on forearm crutches!  You'll enjoy being able to rotate/turn the upper crutch while the bottom remain fixed on the ground.  See our Blog - #1 Tip for Walking Better with Crutches.

        FlexTIPs are designed to provide DYNAMIC STABILITY - stability while moving!



        "I needed something to stabilize my cane when I rise from a sitting position or as I walk. FlexTIP-Walking Care Replacement Tip is perfect for me! As I rise from a seating position, I put weight on the cane,. This ensures that the cane will not slide. As I walk, I am able to put pressure on the tip which gives a bouncy spring action and this helps with my mobility. Love it! Have recommended this to others!"

        CLICK HERE to SHOP FlexSTICKs - 3 leg canes.  flexstick walking cane

        GLynch_FlexTIP Testimonial"The FlexTIP cane has been a true God send to me.  It allows me great mobility with my broken ankle, knowing that I will always have a secure footing. I am on the speaker circuit, and the cane allows me to let it go while talking...and then easily retrieve it when I need it.   I find it very comfortable to use as well.  Wonderful piece of equipment!"         ---Rick Lynch, Lieutenant General US Army  



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